About Julie Potter

I first came to yoga in 1993 as, what was then, a weekly interlude from an over busy work and family life. Juggling bringing up 4 young children, a divorce, career change and house moving I soon recognised that my yoga was the one stabilising factor in my life and was giving me all sorts of benefits in terms of general health and wellbeing.

By 2000 yoga had become more than just a weekly class and I was attending as many classes, workshops and retreats as I could fit into my time. I was very fortunate and met in that time my main influences Gary Carter and Peter Blackaby who have remained and are currently my main source of teaching inspiration.

I was persuaded by my own tutors to train as a teacher and I qualified with the BWY in 2004, and quickly developed into having a teaching week of 12-18 classes. These are currently made up of leisure centres, private venues, one to ones with specialist needs and at my own studio, Yoga for Harmony in Windsor, which I established in 2006.

With early origins in Iyengar Yoga, I have experienced a wide range of teachers and yoga ‘styles’, and continue to be interested in furthering my own knowledge and experience so that I can pass on those experiences to my students. My yoga today has become an evolution of over 20 years of practice and study.

My aim is to help bring back and maintain balance into my student’s mind, body and lifestyle.  My interest is in working with traditional postures, but with the view to ‘showing’ the body a useful pattern of movement, one which is natural to its developmental history to bring the body within a range of  ‘normal’ for them as an individual.   I believe that with an ‘attentive’ approach to the movements and postures, as well as attention to the breath, the whole body and mind can be brought to a state of balance, and lead the student on the path to a state of well being that can take them through young, middle and old age.

It might not be about how good we become a ‘performing’ a posture, perhaps moving away from ‘external’ evaluation of the postures and moving towards an ‘internal’ sense of the postures.  It could be seen as moving away from the more used traditional approach of systemised yoga to a more experiential approach; moving toward being comfortable  in our physical and mental selves and experiencing how yoga can help us to achieve this potential.

My intention for my classes are for students to have the opportunity and the time to look at aspects of their practise in depth and to develop an approach of self enquiry and self knowledge. The classes are adaptable and encompass students of all levels of experience and ability. Whilst looking at traditional Hatha Yoga postures and pranayamas I like to encourage fun and freedom within the traditional structure, and above all to enjoy yoga.

‘The Yoga for Harmony Studio’ Windsor (www.yogaforharmony.co.uk)

This is a yoga venture that I was fortunate enough to be able to establish in 2006. It was born out of a desire to have a facility that was dedicated and sympathetic to the practise of yoga. I was able to invite some respected colleagues to take some classes and I also invited some of my ‘favourite’ tutors to share their knowledge with my clients and students. It is now a well established yoga studio offering over 20 weekly classes and numerous monthly workshops.

Do come along and try some of the classes.

Movement is the song of the body……….this song if you listen to it, is beauty. We sing when we are happy and the body goes with it like waves in the sea.

Vanda Scaravelli